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Assembly & Installation

Hanging Cabinets

Measure up from the highest point on the floor up to 34.5” and mark a line. All base cabinets should align with this mark. Use shims to level cabinets. Measure up on wall and make a mark at 54” this is where you will align all upper cabinets. All cabinets should be secured together. Be sure to predrill holes to avoid cracking. Use 2 ½” screws to secure two frames together. Cabinets should be installed to the studs in the wall.

Securing Island to Floor

Measure 2x4’s to fit inside the toe kick space under the cabinet. Secure the 2x4’s to the floor. Then set your island cabinet over 2x4’s. Now put a screw through the cabinet hitting the 2x4 inside to secure your island.

Installing Cook Top

It is recommended to use a sink base cabinet for a cook top base because the false drawer front is already secured to the cabinet frame. If you wanted drawers under your cook top you will have to void your top drawer and attach drawer face to the frame. Cut a filler board to fit horizontally in drawer opening. Use 2 ½” screws to hold filler in place. Make sure you are pre drilling the frame and filler prior to attaching. Attach drawer face to filler you just installed.

Securing Dishwasher Panel

For this, measure to allow space for your dishwasher to fit and mark wall. Your dishwasher panel will need to be attached to the wall and the floor. Drill pilot holes into the back and bottom of the dishwasher panel from the inside. Secure to wall and floor. It may be help full to use a ¾” filler board cut to the width of your dishwasher. Attach filler board to sink and dish washer panel horizontally. This will help stabilize panel while installing.

Oven Modification

To fit a double oven in an oven cabinet, remove top two drawers. Cut through two drawer divider bars. Now you have an opening long enough to fit a double oven unit. Use scribe molding to trim out opening if needed. This will also be the case when installing a microwave into a DC330 cabinet.


When installing your cabinets make sure the top of cabinet is up right on the wall. This is important because there is an extra ¾” of face frame exposed to attach your crown to. When making corner cuts. Measure how long the face of your cabinet is and mark that length on the crown. Make sure when you cut at a 45-degree angle that you are cutting out. This should add about 3” to your overall length.

Farm sink

Measure how wide and how deep your Farm sink is. Mark on face of cabinet. Make cuts. Fit sink in. Cut a 2x4 and install to the wall behind sink. This will provide added support to hold sink in-place. If your cuts are not perfectly straight use scribe molding trim (SM8) to conceal mistakes. Farm sink should be installed prior to countertop installation. Counter top installers will glue your sink to your counter top.

Blind base

Measure how far out the adjacent row of cabinets are sticking out from the wall. It should be 24” unless you have a dish washer or other appliance with a handle that sticks out. A BBC45 will need to be pulled 3” from the wall in order to clear the door opening. A BBC42 Will need to be pulled 6”. It is recommended to use a 3” filler and no smaller when attaching blind base and adjacent cabinet.